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A forum for innovative education IT leaders

Education currently faces a broad set of challenges, from keeping students engaged and driving performance, to issues of funding and struggling communication between educators, administration and government. In order for our children and teachers to be successful, technology needs to take a front seat both in the classroom and in the principals office. In todays schools, from K-12 through to higher education institutions, technology is more than an administrative tool. Its a learning tool, a time-saver and the ultimate teaching assistant.

As the business world continues to turn toward technology, it is imperative that the next generation of children is taught the skills needed to succeed. However, as education budgets are increasingly being cut, it is becoming more difficult for teachers and administrators to gain access to the best teaching tools and most up-to-date resources.

The CIO Education Summit is a chance for IT executives in education to discuss the latest topics and trends, share best practices and make critical industry contacts. This premiere event features one-on-one Executive Exchanges, Thought Leadership workshops, CIO Executive Visions panels, CIO Case Studies and more. The strategic agenda is designed by IT end users to ensure that you get the information you need to keep your students, educators and administrators ahead of the curve.

Here are a few reasons why you need to join us:

Insight: Forget the traditional slideshow presentation - the CIO Education Summit is about IT executives sharing true insight through face-to-face interaction. Attending delegates will share project experiences, best practices, and lessons learned to give each other a holistic view of the issues at hand, and the insight needed to improve their businesses.

Content: The CIO Education Summit is driven by quality content. This is an opportunity to connect with more than 35 C-level peers as they discuss critical topics selected by a Content Committee of attending delegates. The agenda includes 25 interactive, experience-driven discussions, 10 executive vision sessions and five leadership workshops.

Networking: Connect with an array of C-level peers to exchange ideas, share technology insight and build long-lasting professional relationships. Attending delegates recharge current professional relationships, and make new ones to drive future success.

Takeaways: The CIO Education Summit creates the opportunity for close collaboration between C-level peers in a comfortable, yet focused business setting. The summit format enables attending delegates to focus on the issues at hand, sharing ideas and obtaining critical takeaways to implement back at their organizations.

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